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Five Amazing Steps In Making Custom Stickers

Some things stick to something. Yes, it is a sticker. Everyone witnesses stickers every day. The question is how can your custom stickers become awesome? When you are a businessman, you need stickers, stickers for display logos, signage, and promotional messages on products. People attach their stickers  to their personal things to make them attractive or to make a statement.

Here are five steps to produce stickers:

  1. Artwork:

You need a workstation computer and artwork software for designing your sticker. So put your personal computer to work and design the sticker. Design the graphics, choose a layout, select words on a sticker and make a copy for the printer.

  1. Production:

The artwork is sent to the printing press or your printer when finalized. The stickers are then printed on the big sheets of paper or plastic sheets. There are multiple numbers of stickers on one sheet.

  1. Cutting:

When all sheets are out of printing machine, there comes a need to cut them into small pieces. So every sticker sheet is cut into small pieces. It is a manual process. It requires labor.

  1. laminate:

When all of them are becoming laminated, they are laminated. The lamination makes a sticker shinning, prolong its life and make it weather resistant.

  1. Die Cutting:

When you have laminated all the stickers, they are in square shape or shape but you want to cut them into the desired shape. For this, you need a die. Make a choice of your desired shape and cut all stickers with the die. And then your stickers are ready to use.


If you are going to get into a business or needs stickers for your business, then you should be careful and thoughtful before ordering or producing them on your own. At first, you need to know the sticker making process.

Qualities That Make Your Awesome Stickers:

If you're going to produce awesome stickers

  • High-Resolution Printing:

The custom stickers printing  must be of high resolution. This act will make them attractive to the eye. High resolution has the tendency to make them popular.

  • Extra Thick Vinyl:

If your stickers are decals then it needs a vinyl film for printing graphics. Always make sure to use extra thick vinyl sheet. This way your stickers become durable and resistant to scratching and damage.

  • Strong Paper Backing:

You need the backing of stickers strong enough. Always use paper with good strength.

  • Strong Adhesive:

The stickers need to be attached to the surface. Always use a strong adhesive. So that it can not de-attach itself soon.

  • Weatherproofing:

Always make your stickers weatherproof. The lamination of your wall sticker must be weather resistant.


Going into a business sticker has its perks. Your custom stickers can be made by just one factor. Best advice is to pay attention to all the details. Your artwork must be near perfect. Your choice of materials and adhesive must be up-to-date. Never compromised on quality.


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